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Remember the fee period before vignettes? Long lines of vehicles, endless delays, and fairly expensive tolls for regular highway users. The introduction of vignettes in 2008 is expected to be only a temporary solution.

How to buy an electronic mini online?

The Ministry of Infrastructure expects most drivers to purchase the e-label online. However, it is available for purchase in classic outlets. In both cases, the procedure is the same. What do you need to buy an electronic vignette?

DARS has prepared a dedicated online store evinjeta.dars.si for the purchase of e-vignette online. To initiate the purchase, select the fee category and sticker validity (currently only annual car stickers and semi-annual and annual motorcycle stickers are available). You will receive a confirmation email to the specified email address, without which you will not have to proceed. In the next step, you will need to enter your vehicle details. Enter the country of registration, registration number and the date of entry into force of the e-miniature. Before completing your purchase, you have the option to set an e-label expiration reminder (3 days before and on the day of expiration). With confirmation, you will receive a confirmation of purchasing the vignette with all the information.

If you’re not sure what fee class your car belongs to, you have an easy tool to find your class quickly. However, you can also follow the rule that all two-wheeled vehicles with a vehicle height above the first axle of more than 1.30 m and whose maximum permissible weight does not exceed 3,500 kg (with or without a trailer) belong to class 2A.

E-label purchase procedure

Advantages and disadvantages of the electronic mini

Electronic vignettes are certainly a step in the right direction, but they still don’t deliver what most Slovenian motorway users want.

Advantages Weak points
End of vignette removal Fees are collected uniformly and not by consumption
Buy faster and easier Semi-annual or 3-month label not available for A2 vehicles
No congestion due to toll control ➖ Despite the lower costs at the same price

What are vignettes or electronic vignettes?

Electronic stickers are a modern way to pay tolls for vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of 3,500 kg. Except in the digital format, they are not very different from classic vignettes. By purchasing the electronic vignette, you guarantee the right to use all highways and motorways in the Republic of Slovenia for the period of validity of the electronic sticker. That said, this is not about walking the mileage. A vehicle without a valid electronic pattern must not be driven on a toll road. Otherwise, as now, you risk a fine of 300 euros.

The electronic sticker is linked to the vehicle registration number. At the time of purchase, either online or at a point of sale, you must provide the correct registration number, the country of registration of the vehicle, and choose the e-miniature for the correct fee category. If the registration number in the e-vignette system does not match the registration number of the vehicle using the motorway or highway, then the toll has not been paid. You are responsible for the correct entry of the registration number and the selection of the fee category.

The competent authorities monitor with dedicated cameras installed on the highway network, control points and toll control vehicles. The cameras will capture the vehicle’s registration number and the system will verify that the owner has (correctly) registered the electronic sticker. Vehicle data will be deleted immediately upon verification unless a violation is detected. In this case, the data will be kept in the system until the delinquency proceedings are over.

Annual e-vignettes will not (finally) be associated with a calendar year

As in previous years, the current mini decal in decal form is valid until January 31, 2022. Currently, only annual and semi-annual electronic motorcycle decals are available. Until the end of January, we will still be able to purchase weekly and monthly vignettes in poster form. From February 1, these will also become electronic. Although the costs of fee control and poster production will be reduced, prices remain unchanged, but the Ministry of Infrastructure leaves this issue open if there is a need to reduce vignette prices in the future.

E-miniature price for 2022

car class weekly monthly half a year summer
Class 1 7.5 EUR / €30 55 EUR
Class 2 A 15 EUR €30 / 110 EUR
Class 2 B €30 60 EUR / 220 EUR

The novelty of digitization is that the annual electronic label will not be associated with a calendar year, but will be valid for one year from the date chosen by the owner at the time of purchase. You will be able to purchase all types of electronic vignettes up to 30 days before the specified effective date.

Another novelty that will delight many users is that when checking the car, you will be able to order it Payment of the unused value of the annual electronic mini (and a bi-annual motorcycle). In the event of a sale, you are entitled to a refund only if the new owner of the vehicle has not registered with the same registration number.

How long did the electronic fee collection process take?

Older Slovenian drivers still remember 1972, when Yugoslavia got its first motorway between Vrnica and Postojna. At that time, the fee was also started to be paid. Toll stations appeared and the first disgruntled drivers stood in a column of several kilometers. Payment of fees in Slovenia was based on the so-called open system. When the driver wanted to cross the tariff station, he had to pay the fee according to the established price list, regardless of the point of entry and exit. Some other countries operate with a closed system, which means that users pay tolls at the exit point according to the distance traveled.

Which system is better? A closed tariff system is fairer for users, as the fee is proportional to the miles traveled. It is also a more expensive system, but the costs are evenly distributed among motorway users. An open system reduces the cost of charging, but loses some fairness to users. Users often bypassed toll stations by leaving the motorway at the last exit in front of the station. This system was very unfair to users who lived at the entrance to the tariff station and had to pay the full price of the toll for each crossing, even though they had a very short motorway trip. In the end we also got a contactless transit fee (ABC, Dars Card ().

Let’s go back to 2008, the beginning of the vignettes. With the introduction of vignettes, the cost of fees for ordinary users decreased, while for other users it increased slightly or remained at the same level (depending on usage). As it was said, this is only a temporary solution, because at that time they were about to introduce satellite tolls, through which highway users will pay tolls according to the kilometers traveled. After more than a decade of sticking and removing these stubborn labels, no soul nor hearing about satellite charges.

Although we are not in the development stage that was announced many years ago, changes are still happening. Sales of electronic advertising posters began on December 1, similar to some other neighboring countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria), which have been charging electronic fees for several years.

Do you know what this means? The windshield was overheated and the “miracle” cleaners were bought to make it easier to remove the vignettes. For those who haven’t even dealt with removing vignettes or have collected them on a car windshield, this means that they will finally get rid of this mess and see the road in full glory.

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