Great Britain “donated” 225 …

British law enforcement has donated 225 million unique passwords to a cybersecurity project that helps protect users from hacks.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) has successfully recovered a database of stolen passwords from cybercriminals who collected users’ email addresses and passwords.

This list was recently donated to the free online service Have I Been Pwned (HIBP). The service allows anyone to search hundreds of millions of passwords, to see if they end up in the hands of criminals.

Troy Hunt, the security researcher who runs the site, announced Friday that it now has a “pipeline” job for law enforcement to add passwords to the service independently. “During their investigations, they came across many hacked passwords, and if they were able to constantly enter them into HIBP, all other services that use passwords could better protect their customers from attacks on user accounts,” he said.

To verify that your password (and/or other private information) has also been found outside the Service, you must enter your email address or phone number (in international format). The website will then show where, i.e. with which provider the intrusion occurred, when and what information was disclosed.

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