Malicious apps also include…

Security experts warn us once again that Android mobile apps can hide dangerous malware that could cause great concern to users. We often find infected apps on the Google Play Store web portal, but this time it turned out. It detected up to five apps infected with malicious code and they were also available on the Samsung Galaxy Store portal.

The malicious code was hidden in up to five copies of the Showbox mobile app. In fact, the unprepared took advantage of the fact that the said mobile application is no longer available through the official sources. Although the above malicious code did not cause much trouble to users, it is yet another evidence that headless installation of mobile apps on Android mobile devices can lead to huge problems.

Although Samsung has already removed copies of the Showbox mobile app from the Galaxy Store, it will still be downloaded to users’ devices that downloaded it. So, whoever has installed one of the mobile apps mentioned below will delete it from your smartphone immediately. As much as possible, we recommend resetting the phone, as this is the only way to remove the malicious mobile app for sure.

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