The additional screen will become fixed…

El-Sobky is incredibly popular, especially on social networks, since there is no time in the day when someone does not register something. Although the webcams on the front of the screen have become very high quality, for many they do not offer a quality that is good enough to take selfies. So it is not surprising that more and more users are using the camera on the back of the smartphone to take selfies. Although the capture quality is much better, this sibling capture method is not at all practical and easy.

However, it looks like catching siblings will soon become easier. Oppo should take care of that. Namely, it has filed a patent for up to three solutions, which provide for the use of a screen on the back of the phone. Oppo uses three types of screens for this. Smaller round and square screens will be available for cheaper smartphones, and a larger square screen for more expensive models.

Although many companies have used additional screens in the past, this has been more than uncommon in practice. However, Oppo is thinking of making additional screens every day. However, since this is just a patent, at least at this time it is not yet known when we will actually be able to purchase these phones on the open market.

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