Netflix will have to meet in Russia …

More and more users swear by Netflix streaming content, and the service is currently used by more than 200 million subscribers. It is therefore not surprising that Netflix is ​​constantly developing new functions and providing users with new capabilities. One of these games is laptop games. In addition to the new possibilities, Netflix’s plans for 2022 also envisage the start of operations on Russian soil.

Of course, Neflix will have to comply with Russian law. This in turn will cause a lot of headaches for its programmers. We will have to ensure that 20 major Russian programs broadcast on state television are available on the Netflix platform. This is a challenge that all TV content providers, who have more than 100,000 individual users per day, must face.

According to the popular Netflix platform, it is already clear that it will easily exceed the quota of 100 thousand individual users per day. Fortunately, the developers of Netflix will have some time to adapt to the demands of Russia. The deadline for the start of the country’s programming ends in March 2022. In the event of failure, Netflix, of course, will face sanctions from the Russian government.

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