Google’s new smart glasses, but…

Some time ago, Google announced the release of the second generation of Smart Enterprise Edition smart glasses, designed primarily for commercial or industrial use. The Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 smart glasses are much more powerful than the previous generation, as they are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 mobile processor. This is for both virtual and augmented reality, with the image projected directly onto the user’s eye.

It looks like Google will soon provide smart glasses for regular users. The computer giant “hinted” this some time ago by buying North. This is best known for his Focals smart glasses. A special generation of smart glasses will be available to users, which is expected to be much cheaper compared to the Glass Enterprise Edition 2 smart glasses. It is not yet known when the new glasses will be ready for free sale. Experts are convinced that this will happen this year, as Apple is also preparing to enter this field.

Experts are convinced that the new Google glasses will not be recognized by people as a game. This is meant to be a product that anyone can use in place of their glasses, just for everyday use. However, the truth is that user experience largely depends on how all applications deliver usability and value to the user. However, we are confident that the new Google glasses will also be used for entertainment and leisure.

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