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In a recent interview in China, George Zhao, CEO of HONOR, also talked about the presentation of their new foldable screen mobile phone called HONOR Magic V.

During the conversation, George Zhao pointed out the importance of keeping the screen big enough for the aforementioned first foldable mobile phone for HONOR, unlike some other brands that have decided to make the screen smaller.

HONOR Magic V features a cutting-edge design, advanced flexible screen and hinge technology, enabling a seamless transition between full and folded screen, transforming the entire user experience. “We are confident that HONOR’s first foldable mobile phone will be better than any mobile phone currently on the market,” said George Zhao.

Flexibility is bringing major changes to the mobile industry and allows users to use the device for work, reading, entertainment and many other functions on the mobile phone in a whole new way. The HONOR Magic V will be a device designed to balance the weight of the device with pleasant and comfortable ease of use.

For more information, visit HONOR online store at www.hihonor.com

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