Prices haven’t (yet) slowed down. why would …

We’ve been following true horror online for over a year now. First, the prices of graphics cards jumped, then processors and then other hardware components.

First, the epidemic was responsible for the high prices, then the demand, the decrease in transportation, the shortage of raw materials and the decrease in production, and finally the exploiters, who snatched and sold all available hardware components at two or three times the retail price. Over time, the value of some parts has returned to its original state, and some, such as graphics cards, are still rare on (digital) shelves.

If you were forced to buy or upgrade a new computer in the past year, you certainly paid more than you would have paid for similar performance two years ago, or you made a compromise and settled on a lower amount — the computer end. Sounds pretty sad, doesn’t it? The world of electronics should be fun, where we are free to choose what we want in a laptop or desktop computer. If you want to resist the current situation in the computer market, now is the time for the opportunity to refurbish computers. why?

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Bitcoin Trader

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