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Because of the long queues, many Slovenes decide to choose a private doctor, as waiting times become shorter or non-existent. We often face the dilemma of choosing a private doctor. Friends and acquaintances can advise us on the choice, but often we have no choice but to start looking for health services on the Internet. A similar problem was faced by a medical student at Maribor Medical College, Matej Onedaric, Which created a Slovenian portal to find private doctors, dentists and doctors with distinction –

Matej Unedaric, medical student at Maribor Medical College

He outlined the idea of ​​the health portal in his third year of study and already started implementing it at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. is the first Slovenian health portal that provides useful information about private surgeries and medical centers in Slovenia. Brief and transparent descriptions of surgeries, field visits, possibility of direct contact with surgeries through the portal, assessment of quality of health services and many other functions make portal a useful tool to help many healthcare seekers. In addition to describing surgeries, images have been added to improve the user experience when searching for health services.

The added value of the portal is an interactive map where visitors can search for healthcare providers in their immediate surroundings. The founder of the portal strives to save their valuable time and money by choosing quality health services faster, as they have the opportunity to choose between approved and highly rated healthcare providers.

Towards the end of 2021, the online portal was launched, where all Slovenian doctors and dentists gather. Visitors to the portal can provide opinions and evaluate their health services.

Along with the rapid progress in medicine, medical technology is also developing, which has become an important factor in improving the quality of life of patients. On the first New Year’s Day 2022, the founder of the brand Najzdravnik also opened an online store with medical devices and products for a healthy lifestyle – He says that the mission of his online store is to provide innovative, high-quality medical devices to Slovenes at affordable prices. It wants to go beyond the average medical devices on the Slovenian market and introduce new technologies and methods of disease prevention and treatment and a healthy lifestyle to Slovenes.

Doctor 1

More emphasis will be placed on products to treat chronic diseases and alleviate their complications. In Najzdravnik online store you can find tested medical devices that follow the guidelines of the European directive. Years of clinical research, promising treatment results and high quality standards are the guiding principles by which medical devices are selected and presented in the online store. At the same time, do not forget about affordability, since the Najzdravnik brand is accompanied by the official motto: “Health is for the people!”.

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