Start the new year with charity

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to donate 1% of your income tax to one of the thousands of nonprofits to choose from.

If you are a taxpayer, or more simply, if you pay income tax, you can donate 1% of the amount to charity. This percentage does not cost you anything, otherwise it goes to the state budget.

Last year, 5,554 different beneficiaries (NGOs, political parties, unions, registered churches and other religious denominations) received 510,868 donations totaling €10,716,367.

So how can you allocate one cent? Simply visit the website In the first step, select the first option “Individual who wants to donate part of the income tax”. In the second step, select the second option “I want to find an institution or fill out a form.” You will then be able to search for the organization by name, tax number, zip code, or region (there are more than 40).

You can select one organization with an asterisk or up to 10 different organizations, but then 1% is divided by every 10. The donation amount (percentage) is determined in the next step, where if you select more than one organization, select for each percentage the percentage The percentage you will allocate to (for example, if you choose 5, you can allocate 0.5% to the first; 0.1% to the rest, (). The sum of the whole should not exceed one percent.

If you have a digital certificate or smsPASS, you can also submit the application digitally via the eDavki portal. It is only necessary to copy the tax number displayed in the selected organization(s) and enter the donation amount for each organization. If you choose only one, enter 1%, otherwise distribute 1% among the others (of course if desired).

However, if you do not have a digital certificate, or you want to do everything via the website, then in the penultimate step you will need to fill out a form with personal data and tax number.
Then you follow the last step, where you can print the form and send it yourself to the relevant tax office, or sign it with your mouse and everything else (printing, packaging, sending, …) is provided by a network of Slovenian NGOs at no additional cost. your cost.

If you have additional questions or need assistance with submitting the form, you can contact them at the email address [email protected] or at phone number 01542 14 22, every working day between 10 am and 12 pm.

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