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If you regularly watch videos via the YouTube mobile app on your smartphone, then this app is for you.

Everyone knows YouTube.com, where more than 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute.

But many people are very angry with one fact: more ads than content. On PC, this can be easily resolved by installing an ad blocking extension, while on mobile devices it is a bit more difficult.

On smartphones, in addition to ads, it is also annoying to have to pay a monthly subscription fee of 7.19 euros to run in the background (the first month is free). This also eliminates ads, as YouTube can pay creators that amount, but it can be very expensive for many users.

For some time now, there has been an online application that unlocks all the above-mentioned Premium Youtube for free, which also made it an instant hit among the users. It is an open source application for smart devices called YouTube Vanced. There’s nothing worse than clicking on a video and can’t wait to see what content lies ahead, and then noticing dozens of yellow boxes for ads. Some creators only create one or two ads, while some flood their videos with ads, which prevents many users from creating such creators. However, they should not be offended, because for many it is a job, not a hobby.

However, due to the listed functions, such an application is prohibited by Google’s terms of use, so it cannot be found in the online Google Play Store, but must be downloaded via the installation file – apk.

The app is available for Android and is quick and easy to install, while the process is more complicated in iOS devices and Smart TVs.

In addition to removing ads, including intermediate content and sponsorship, playing in the background, even when the application is closed, there are also: dark theme, brightness control, volume, … as in VLC player, replay (automatic) and change display from comments (currently still in testing phase). They also plan to show the number of dislikes after Google unilaterally decided not to display this information publicly.

Use of these apps is at your own risk, as it violates Google’s usage policy. Our goal is not to sponsor such applications, but to draw attention to the growing problem of advertising on Youtube content, both for content creators whose earnings depend on ads, and for users who have to watch at least two ads during a 10-minute video.

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