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Today, it is difficult to imagine life without a personal computer, as we use it both for everyday tasks and for leisure. A computer mouse plays a major role in this, without it it is not possible to select the content on the screen. This is especially important for fans of computer games, because without a high-quality mouse there are no desirable successes.

At XPG, they went a little further with the design of the XPG Vault Gaming Mouse. Namely, their engineers equipped the novelty with a solid-state drive with a terabyte of space for storing data or games. With this approach, a computer mouse actually becomes a portable storage medium for storing popular computer games.

The XPG Vault Gaming Mouse prototype has a USB-C data interface for data transmission. It is powerful enough to be able to transfer data at a speed of 985MB/s. Most notable is XPG’s dedicated gaming software, which offers full compatibility with the XPG Prime Software Ecosystem.

Other features of the XPG Vault Gaming Mouse computers, such as sensor accuracy, were not disclosed. However, this is still a prototype that is not for sale. However, it would be interesting to have this type of computer mouse available, provided it is not too expensive.

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