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Some time ago, AMD surprised its new Ryzen family of 5,000 processors (Zen 3), intended for laptops. Newcomers bring a significant increase in performance compared to their predecessors, and electricity consumption is much lower, which is reflected in the autonomy of longer computers. However, since the competition in the field of laptop processors does not stop, it is not surprising that AMD recently revealed a completely new family of laptop processors.

Ryzen 6000 Mobile processors are based on Zen 3+ technology and engineered with six nanometer technology. Embedded graphic RDNA2 with up to 12 processing units is responsible for transcoding the graphic content. To some extent, this is also powerful enough to run modern PC games. The most powerful representatives of AMD Ryzen 6000 Mobile mobile processors will have eight physical processors or 16 virtual cores, which will easily cope with even the most demanding tasks.

Of course, the new AMD Ryzen 6000 Mobile processors also provide support for modern technologies. Among them, support for fast DDR5 system memory stands out. In addition, PCI Express 4.0 data bus support is available here. Expect to learn more about the new processor family soon.

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