How much does a robotic vacuum cleaner cost us?

Price loves to tempt us not to make economic decisions. Who wouldn’t prefer to turn to a robot at half the price, especially if it offers similar capabilities on “paper”, although it will prove to be more expensive in the long run.

Above all, you should always ask yourself how good quality service and spare parts are at reasonable prices in life expectancy. Most of the cheaper robots simply do not provide satisfactory after-sales service, which is not at all the case with the iRobot Roomba.

We are becoming aware of the importance of sustainability and environmental protection, especially since the benefits coincide with our own. Seven is a fictional number and for at least many years we have wanted our robotic vacuum cleaner to function normally. With proper maintenance and possible one-time replacement of the battery, which is the bottleneck of all modern technological devices. Contrary to the fact that the battery is easier to replace in a robot than in phones, tablets or laptops, this can be done by anyone alone and at home.

Another important condition for a long life is regular software upgrades, as this affects not only the suction efficiency, but also the improvement of the robot’s operation and safety. Until robotic vacuum cleaners were constantly connected to a wireless network and accessible via an app, upgrades were only possible during any service intrusions, so most older models still have factory-installed software today. It’s different with the new Roomba bots. All of them are connected to the Internet, from which they regularly receive upgrades that ensure optimal mobility, efficient suction, and a high level of security and privacy. In addition, the frequency of promotions is important. This also demonstrates iRobot’s commitment to always providing the best that robot technology and electronics has to offer to its users.

The robotic vacuum cleaner is like a soccer player during the match

During one suction, its trajectory is measured in metres, but in the estimated life we ​​are talking about kilometers traveled. Which is not possible if the running gear or wheels are not robustly designed and manufactured. With all the Roombahs, there’s no doubt about that and what you can easily see if you flip the bot and take a closer look. It looks really powerful, not to mention touchy. Equally important is the design of the front bumper, which is connected to the touch sensor. Again one of the parts of the robot that has to put up with a lot. In fact, the durability of the entire structure is important for a robotic vacuum cleaner, which is again one of the features of Roomba robotic vacuums in which it differs from its competitors from afar. Some have been in service for ten years or more, and although they have had some scratches and don’t shine like new, they are structurally solid and the mechanisms work as they should. Of course, provided we have maintained the robot properly throughout this time, cleaned it and replaced worn parts regularly.

A high-quality and most powerful robot, which does not save on materials at every step, is a condition of its longevity and at the same time the reason for a slightly higher price. Quality costs what all of us realize when buying a car. Dacia is actually a bit cheaper, but it still can’t compete with well-known brands. In addition, the availability of spare parts is critical for every user. The side brush and filter obviously need to be replaced from time to time. Both affect the efficiency of the suction and therefore your satisfaction with the work done. When the filter has finished its life, it doesn’t let air in as new, so it reduces suction power and debris stays on the floor. It is very annoying if you have to search for parts online and wait weeks for a package. Then you find that the cost of delivery, and perhaps even customs and taxes, is disproportionately high. But it’s not best to jump in to get parts at a nearby tech store or order them from the official iRobot importer. This also makes sure you always have the parts meant for your model. This is also true for the spare battery, where authenticity and fit are most important.

full service

This brings us to the last and most important service. Every modern electronic device breaks down and there is no escape from it. The longer it is used, the higher the probability of failure and therefore the possibility of affordable repair comes to the fore. In addition to the robust body of the Roomba robot, it also features a modular construction, which means that practically every part is interchangeable. It is almost impossible not to be able to repair it, because in Slovenia we have an official service for these robots with trained experts and all spare parts are in stock. The repair is not only possible, but also fast, which will be appreciated by a long-term user of the robotic vacuum cleaner, who discovers after a few days without it that he is missing something in his life. Let’s now look at an example that there is no service and no one can fix a robot, as is the case with some Chinese products. You will get rid of it and will have to buy a new one, which is inappropriate from the point of view of a sustainable economy.

The calculation is relatively simple. The cost of using a robot, which may be more expensive at first, downtime less, spare parts are always on hand and service is much less than the cost of a robot that you will have to throw out and replace with a new one after a few years. You can have replacement parts or no one will be able to Repair it in case of malfunction. Even within reach. Choose the iRobot Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner, as it has all the features that are a prerequisite for long-term use, satisfaction and cost-effectiveness. Some work effectively for ten years or more when there is no noticeable malfunction, so the usage cost is lower year by year.

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