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Improved picture and sound quality and a new SmartHub feature enable on-screen multitasking and a truly customized experience for new Samsung TV models.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. It unveiled its latest MICRO LED, Neo QLED and Lifestyle TVs at CES 2022. The TVs offer advancements in picture and sound quality, multiple screen sizes, customizable accessories and an upgraded interface. Thus, the vision of “screens everywhere, screens for all” is closer to reality, with 2022 screens delivering realistic images, deep sound and a highly personalized experience.

MICRO LED: The pinnacle of display technology

Samsung’s latest display is MICRO LED, which offers best-in-class image quality thanks to 25 million µm LEDs. These colors individually reproduce light and color and create an incredibly immersive experience with incredible depth, vibrant colors and an increased level of clarity and contrast. At CES 2022, Samsung will present MICRO LEDs in three different sizes, namely 110″, 101″ and 89.Moreover, it also supports 20 bit depth of gray. This means that MICRO LED models can express the tiniest details of a scene and deliver the best control with over a million levels of brightness and color levels, delivering a true HDR experience. It also expresses 100% color. DCI range and Adobe RGB, resulting in stunning and realistic colors. Besides the great design it allows 99.99% The screen-to-case ratio delivers revolutionary performance.

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