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Many users want to upgrade their home into a smart home. At CES, Lenovo unveiled the new Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with a built-in Alexa® digital assistant, designed to simplify homework.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is the perfect smartwatch for any room with exciting Alexa Assistant features to help you stay connected. From setting schedules, alarms and reminders, Alexa users are also available for more advanced tasks – for example shopping at Amazon’s online store or controlling your smart home with just voice commands. With Alex, it’s easy to turn on compatible devices in your smart home – just search for devices marked “works with Alexa” on sockets, lights, locks, and other devices.

On the large LED screen, you can check the time and weather forecast across the room, or just ask Alex about it. The perfect clock design is on the nightstand, where you can turn off the alarm or silence it with a simple touch, and the clock also has an automatic screen dimming function to make it easier to fall asleep. Privacy is also well taken care of, as the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential does not have a built-in camera, but has a built-in microphone mute button. The elegant design and soft-fabric casing in red or blue ensure that the smartwatch blends in with almost any piece of furniture. The full-size USB interface allows for convenient charging of connected devices, for example phones, and makes sure there are fewer cables on the counter.

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