The old Samsung Galaxy S3 is not yet…

The past 25 years have seen the amazing development of mobile phones, and only a handful of these examples will go down in history forever. Among them, of course, we also find the legendary Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone. It hit store shelves in 2012 and installed the Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream mobile operating system. It was also the first phone to take the South Korean company into the world of mobile pioneers. Merchants have sold over 60 million Samsung Galaxy S3 phones worldwide.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone is still very popular today. This was recently proven by a famous programmer with the alias “html6405” of the XDA developer web portal. The innovative programmer has prepared a special version of the Android 12 mobile operating system, which is included in the unofficial operating system LineageOS 19.0. Although the new Android 12 wasn’t meant for the old Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone, it works better than expected.

Of course, LineageOS 19.0 mobile operating system for the old Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone is not perfect. This is still littered with software bugs, such as disabling PIN-protected SIM unlocking. However, many experts are convinced that this is a remarkable feat that required a lot of effort from the programmer.

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