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At CES 2022, they introduced the various possibilities of SmartThings technology, at the same time they launched a new on-demand refrigerator with French doors, a kitchen range, a Bespoke Jet vacuum cleaner and a washer and dryer.

The already well-known series of Samsung refrigerators has gained a new member. This year, at CES 2022, they presented a new series in the Bespoke Series with French doors (double refrigerated doors), thus expanding their range. They also added other new household appliances, such as a cordless vacuum cleaner and washer and dryer, to which they transferred part of the Bespoke technology. Flexible design and unique technology give users inspiration for a different lifestyle – the power and elegance of vacuuming, smart washing and drying clothes. In addition, they revealed additional details about the SmartThings Hub program on select Family Hub smart TVs, monitors and refrigerators. This technology enables seamless communication and control, turning users into a smart home.

With the made-to-order refrigerator at the center of the home, users will be able to adapt their interior design to their style with kitchen packages that include dishwashers, stoves, and microwaves. In addition, they can choose from a wide selection in white, dark blue or green. Outside the kitchen, the Bespoke Jet vacuum cleaner brings powerful cleaning power and style to the living room, while the Bespoke washer and dryer makes washing a smart and easy task.

“The Bespoke concept is not just about kitchen gadgets. We believe that users should have the freedom to customize the entire home the way they really want it. With these new home appliances we can empower users From creating living spaces that truly reflect their tastes and sense of beauty – using important Samsung innovations and technologies.”

Custom refrigerator with french doors

The refrigerator is available in different dimensions, configurations and colors. Adapted to custom, the front part gives an elegant gloss, otherwise it is the most popular type of refrigerator for American consumers. The extended range includes the Bespoke Flex hlad four-door refrigerator, two-door refrigerator with freezer detailed below, and the Flex Column single-door refrigerator. The French Door Refrigerator will be available in three and four door configurations, and includes options for the updated Familiy Hub system for 2022. In terms of colors, consumers will have thousands of color combinations – 12 colours, two colors, and several new colors available (white, grey, pink, charcoal, daylight). blue, clementine and sunrise yellow). To keep food fresh, Bespoke is equipped with the latest refrigeration innovations. Quick access to cold drinks is provided by the Beverage Center™ and Dual Auto Ice Maker, and FlexZone keeps ingredients at optimum temperature.

Thus, Family Hub supports families to stay more organized and connected, and in 2022 it will also be available on Samsung TV Plus, providing free TV content and uninterrupted viewing on Samsung TVs or other Galaxy screens.

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