Android 12 also for the legendary …

In early 2011, Samsung announced the launch of the Galaxy S2 smartphone. This was, as expected, more powerful, powerful and multitasking than its predecessor. The newcomer had a powerful single-core Samsung dual-core processor for data conversion. Also, 1 GB of system memory helped him. The Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone displayed images on a 4.27 inch or 10.8 cm Super AMOLED Plus screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.

Although the Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone is already outdated, it can still run the latest Android 12 mobile operating system. This was taken care of by computer enthusiasts for the XDA Developers web portal. They have prepared a revised or unofficial version of the mobile operating system LineageOS 19.0, based on Android 12.

Although the features of the new Android 12 operating system are not available for the Samsung Galaxy S2 mobile phone, this is still a great achievement. If you still own a Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone, you can install the new LineageOS on it. This is available for download at

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