The end of the popular pirate…

Popcorn Time has quickly become very popular with movie lovers, as it supports Windows, OS X and Linux operating systems and provides the user with easy access to the fun of watching movies. This was possible over a P2P or BitTorrent network, although the content is somewhat controversial, at least in terms of copyright. Due to the popularity of the Popcorn Time service, it was only a matter of time before the platform became available to music lovers.

However, Popcorn Time service was recently shut down. Content owners and managers have realized that the world “no longer needs” such services. Pirated streaming, as the BitTorrent protocol envisions, is no longer so interesting, and users are turning to the competition. In practical terms, this means that the Popcorn Time service has simply been shut down due to the inattention of users.

Despite the collapse of the Popcorn service, the interest in piracy broadcasts on the Internet is still high. Today, users turn to various pirated IPTV services, both free and paid. Most often they are obtained by purchasing Android TV devices that already have pirated apps installed.

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