The highest technology protective mask…

Due to the mandatory wearing of masks, the demand for protective masks has increased dramatically. While the usual protective masks cover half the face and are not popular with many, you will certainly be impressed with the new technological mask. This is a very nice protective mask, made by Razer. This is mainly known as gaming products.

Razer’s Zephyr Pro protective mask differs from similar products mainly in two areas. The first is the use of clear plastic in the mouth area. This means that the interviewer can see the mouth of the person wearing the mask. Another special feature is the lighting. The protective mask is equipped with two LEDs that give the mask a unique look. In addition, the novelty is also equipped with a speaker and a microphone. This means that it allows for easier communication with the environment.

Razer’s new face plate contains up to 95 percent more air purification (N95). In addition, they provide excellent ventilation. This means that the mask pushes the exhaled air out and facilitates the entry of fresh air. No novelty is expected to be cheap. To buy the Razer Zephyr Pro protective mask abroad, you will have to discount about 130 euros.

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