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One of the most complex years of our society is coming to an end. But it ends with the hope of 2022And The year we hope to restore the normalcy we left when COVID emerged.

Crypto Plaza was born in March 2019 with the ambition to be a space where you can work and organize various activities targeting the crypto community. Events, coffee, workshops or presentations that were organized in a year that we had to stop doing. Face-to-face meetings are digital and a workspace left empty for months.

Many international crypto spaces have closed, but we’ve been able to stay and move our business to digital in hopes of getting the part back head-to-head in the future. In January 2020, we had 15 crypto events, and in 2021, we’re starting to stage some when conditions allow. This allowed us to remember and appreciate seeing and talking to others. In short, community building.

In this sense, Crypto Plaza 2021 NFT will always have a special meaning, because we only give it to people who have come close in such difficult times.

On the plus side, one of the best years in cipher We were able to share it with the entire community. Although most of the activities that we do on the project are public, the efforts of all the digital members with their membership allowed us to carry out many activities that were able to return this investment, such as challenges. Let’s make a summary of the most relevant ones.

  • Airports: We left the 2021 AIRDROPS VERY IMPORTANT, having implemented the various challenges we proposed to the community, we left $10K-40K to all members (depending on the activity). Of particular importance were those of DyDx, ENS, Paraswap, or Tape. This year, we have prepared a list of 30 activities with potential AIRDROPS that we will be launching each month for community members.
  • Investments: The DAO Investor Group has, since its inception, generated nearly 10x the investment. Which indicates the strength of the work in a group. Really interesting experience that continues. We have been able to invest in seed projects such as Ultra Fluid Tempus Complivi We will soon be investing in some very strong projects along with the best global crypto projects.
  • CRYPTO PLAZA GAMES: One of the initiatives we launched in the latter part of the year that started off really strong thanks to the help of Dragon Company. It will not only be a question of investments, but also the creation of working groups to be able to participate in different types of unions.
  • global events: Crypto Plaza participated in the largest international events, inviting the entire community to participate in them on special conditions. This allowed the Crypto Plaza community to move internationally, connecting more with the entire international ecosystem.
  • CRYPTO PLAZA FORUM: In November, we organized what was the event with the highest participation of #DeFi projects in Spain. We have had many high level projects and a very important representation of our #DeFi 2.0 projects. As usual, trying to get close to the last mile of innovation.
  • 2021 adventures: We have organized various dives into the most relevant topics in the crypto sector, have been able to see derivatives, insurance and options, and anticipate an explosion in this asset. We have also participated in competitions such as Perpetual or Tempus.

Finally, I thank our entire community and our ambassadors for their support during 2021. We will work hard in 2022 to bring back this very important support. This year, there are many new things that we will gradually announce to you. Of course, we will continue to help crypto projects from our accelerator initiative.

Thanks! We are starting!

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