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On Monday, the Traffic Safety Agency launched a national prevention campaign entitled “Safe Without a Phone in Traffic”.

Cell phones have been a major traffic distraction over the past decade, and they have been shown to increase the risk of accidents. Drivers also often cause traffic jams when using mobile phones. From January 10 to 23, 2022, the Traffic Safety Agency is coordinating the preventive campaign “Safe Without a Phone in Traffic”. In 2021, the police identified 33,254 violations related to the use of cell phones while driving, which is 10% less than in 2020. The decrease in violations can be attributed to tougher legislation, year-round agency awareness, and police oversight. Among the perpetrators, the age group from 35 to 44 years stands out, 31.6% of them.

According to the category of participants, motorists control, 16,664 of whom are more than half, and one-fifth (7053) truck drivers. Mobile phones have a strong influence on the cognitive abilities of the driver. Writing messages or browsing social networks while driving means up to 23 times the risk of a car accident. During the operation, the police will monitor the use of mobile phones, devices and other equipment (tablets, laptops, headphones) that interfere with the driver’s visual and auditory perception or ability to control the vehicle. In addition, they will pay attention to other infractions, especially those related to exposed road users, pedestrians and cyclists. The Agency for Traffic Safety and the Police calls: »Wait for a call, message, like or post on social media. Don’t be behind the wheel behind the screen, and don’t be online in traffic!«

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