This is the foldable Google Pixel…

Flexible or foldable smartphones have aroused great interest among mobile phone users. These are becoming more and more affordable, and their sales are improving day by day. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are rumors that Google will soon enter this field.

Google’s first foldable smartphone is said to feature the Pixel Fold sales tag. Although practically nothing is known about the newcomer yet, fans of the Geekbench web portal have published some details about it. This is supposed to be a very powerful phone that can easily replace laptops. The Google Pixel Fold is supposed to come with 12GB of system memory.

In addition, Android 12L is supposed to be installed on the Google Pixel Fold foldable phone. It features a modified graphic interface for notifications, quick settings, lock screen, and a web search interface. In addition, there is a new button for taking screenshots and other menus in a 3-to-2 format. In short, the new graphic interface is better suited to devices with large touch screens than its predecessor. More information about the Google Pixel Fold is expected soon.

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