With that, solid state drives…

At Samsung, we were recently pleasantly surprised by the solid-state drive, which is equipped with a PCI Express 5.0 interface. This is a new generation of data interface that will be supported by next generation Intel and AMD processors. Samsung’s new hard drive is based on the computer giant’s console and uses advanced V-NAND TLC memory elements.

Samsung’s first Solid State Drive is equipped with the new PCI Express 5.0 data bus. This is already made possible by a special controller with the designation E26 from Phison. This is actually a PCI-E 5.0 x4 data controller built using 12nm technology. However, inside we find ARM Cortex-R5 processor cores and a special CoXProcessor coprocessor.

The Phison E26 data controller can manage NAND memories via eight memory channels, which means it can support up to 32TB of memory. Of course, the performance of the new device is out of the question, it can provide sequential reading of data at 12Gbps and read 11Gbps, and the total capacity is up to two million IOPS with 4K video processing.

With the new Phison E26 data controller, Samsung is the first to equip its own solid state drive. However, we believe other solid state drive manufacturers will soon follow. Of course, new drives will be expensive at first, but their price will slowly decrease by the end of this year.

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