3 reasons why 2022 is the right year…

Large processor manufacturers are fully operational. If you want to upgrade your laptop, it’s hard to imagine a better year for this year than 2022.

Despite the fact that marketers from all manufacturers are trying to convince us that the annual release of new devices brings significant upgrades, the truth is quite different. Huge improvements in device performance only happen a few times per decade. However, there is rarely an overlap of larger upgrades from many manufacturers.

If we think that the predictions from recent events, such as CES 2022, this year in the field of laptops and related devices can be very interesting.

Of course, we’re not saying that you should buy a new laptop this year, because most likely your current one works just fine. However, if you’re already considering a new laptop, it’s hard to imagine a better year to buy.

Apple M1 processors are changing the rules of the game

In 2020, the M1 showed that a laptop can be both light and efficient at the same time. Late last year, the M1 Max and Pro also showed that the laptop can hit really high performance limits, while not making up for shortcomings in other areas.

M1 Max

Since the M1 Max and Pro were only released a few months ago, we probably don’t expect any drastic changes to the MacBook Pro series for some time to come.

Meanwhile, rumors are circulating that Apple is preparing to launch a new MacBook Air with the M2 chip. This is supposed to offer a lot more compared to the M1 processor. The new MacBook Air can be seen at WWDC, and according to the latest announcements, it should be released sometime in the middle of 2022.

As it turns out, Apple laptops are facing relatively big design changes and performance improvements this year. Again, we can hardly imagine a better year to buy new MacBooks than this year.

Intel has finally stopped resting on its old glories

Just a few years ago, AMD was on the verge of bankruptcy and Apple products brought in huge money from Intel. Intel almost monopolized the processors.

In 2022, things look very different. AMD jumped into the desktop PC market and made rapid progress among laptops, while Apple relied entirely on its processors. Intel will have to push fairly this year and it looks like they will.

Intel claims to have built the “fastest mobile processor ever”, its i9-12900HK, and the rest of the 12th generation mobile processors are on top. Intel claims its 129,000HK is 44% faster than last year’s 11900HK. However, when it comes to performing multiple tasks at the same time, including playing games, the processor is still 20-30% faster. According to all the data we have about the 12th generation of processors, this year Intel will deliver the biggest “annual” jump in performance after a long time.

But the catch is that it’s not just about performance, it’s also about efficiency. This year, Intel decided to operate somewhat similarly to the competition and would divide the processors into the most powerful and efficient ones. Something like, for example, ARM. For example, the i9-12900HK processor is expected to outperform the Apple M1 Max at the same time, with the same amount of power.

Therefore, this year we can expect Intel’s biggest advance in processor performance after a very long time. If we buy a laptop this year, it will probably be more durable than most others.

AMD is still on top

While Intel’s resurgence is great news for Windows and Linux users, AMD isn’t sitting idly by either. AMD has announced its 6000 series chipset, which it claims offers a slight performance boost on the CPU side, but a huge improvement in battery life and a drastic improvement on the GPU side.

AMD claims the new Zen 3+ chipset delivers 15-40% lower battery consumption for lighter tasks like surfing the web or watching movies, helping address one of the most common complaints of Windows laptop users compared to Apple’s modern, highly efficient devices. The chips now use RDNA2 graphics developed by AMD for the Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles, and have 50% more compute units than previous generations.

Combining this with hardware-assisted light tracking and faster clock speeds, AMD says this means a 1.2 to 3.0 times improvement in frames per second over the previous generation. In other words, you will be able to play modern games at 1080p resolution and decent settings without having to shell out the money for a hyper gaming machine with a dedicated graphics processor. Even better, AMD’s smart design lets you intelligently switch power consumption between the CPU and GPU depending on what you’re doing or needing to extend battery life. This is also good news for anyone looking for a graphics card in vain or not willing to pay nearly three times the price of a retail card. If AMD really delivers on what it promises, then the new processors will be equipped with a decent graphics core that allows you to easily play almost any game.

It’s good to see three major processor manufacturers operating at full capacity, something we haven’t seen since the turn of the century. Qualcomm is also the fourth player in the agility market, with its latest chipset making strides in performance this year.

We imagine that it is unlikely that we will see such an increase in the capacity of all the major processor manufacturers again in the near future. If you want to upgrade your laptop, it’s hard to imagine a better year for this year than 2022.

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