Drones can also save lives

If you thought drones could just deliver orders and buzz over their heads, they’ve recently been proven to save lives, among other things.

A self-driving drone in Sweden recently helped save the life of a 71-year-old man who had had a heart attack.

It all started when the 71-year-old fell ill during a snowfall in front of his home in Trollhättan, Sweden. He later told reporters that he does not remember exactly what happened on that unfortunate December day. He only described that from his trail the cleaning worker was attacked by snow when darkness fell before his eyes.

It all happened very quickly, and the event was described by Dr. Mustafa Ali, who also helped the man because he was nearby. “He had no pulse, so I immediately started doing artificial respiration, while I asked another eyewitness to call an ambulance. Only a few minutes later I saw something flying over my head. It was a drone with a pacemaker.”

The drone was owned by Everdrone, and the lifesaving project was created in collaboration between the Carolingian Institute and national emergency operator SOS Alarm.
Mats Saleström, CEO of Everdrone, said the technology saved this man’s life as defibrillators are designed so that anyone can use them without prior experience.

It took just over 3 minutes from call to delivery.

The company said time matters in the event of a heart attack, as the chance of survival drops by 7 to 10 percent every minute.

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