Toyota: car key with …

Can you imagine buying a new car, but what soon surprises you is the fact that payment is required to use the key?

And not just once, but monthly or yearly. Fortunately, the user gets two months of free use at the age of one year. Well, at least you can try your new key for free for a month.

Toyota Motor Corporation recently unveiled its new service called Toyota Connected Services. These include the use of emergency assistance, a wireless access point (in the car) and control of the vehicle via a mobile application (eg remote start, unlocking, locking, …).

The dispute arose when the company wrote in a press release that cars manufactured after 2018 would need an active subscription of $8 per month (or $80 per year) to allow the user to start the car remotely using the car key (eg in the winter), for heating). This is an ordinary key, which is already in use and allows you to remotely unlock and lock the car.

Fortunately, vehicles built before 2018 will have remote start with a new key for free, as US mobile operators have decided to turn off the 3G network, which allowed most services to be used remotely, and that’s what Toyota is doing . Do not intend to upgrade these vehicles to use the 4G network.

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