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If your ID card, passport and driver’s license expires soon, you can request a free appointment in the online administrative unit.

This year, nearly every fourth resident is expected to have an expired ID, passport or driver’s license. To renew or issue new documents, it is necessary to visit your administrative unit. Unfortunately, many of them are already overwhelmed with work as well as phone calls, as everyone is supposed to take extra minutes, there aren’t enough phone operators and they can’t give out personal information over the phone.

This is the reason for launching the new UeNarońćanje portal, where you can choose the online service you need (eg ID card replacement) and the administrative unit in which you want to perform the service. The system is currently operating in Ljubljana, Logatec and Leteja, and will soon be extended to other cities in Slovenia.

The ordering process is very easy. The user chooses the date on which he wants to perform the service, selects the administrative unit from the list and then enters the information that the service needs. In the next step, free appointments are displayed, which can be booked, but a mobile phone number or email address is required for reservations.

Nina Benic, Head of Public Order Office at the University of Ljubljana, added that the system had already been tested in the administrative unit in Ljubljana and that more than 15,000 appointment bookings had been made successfully. The project cost the state budget 345,000 euros and was implemented by Ortus Inc.

Unfortunately, it is not without complications, since they recently stopped ordering, due to security holes, which will be eliminated as soon as possible.

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