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At the end of last year, Intel officially began selling the long-awaited processors based on Alder Lake processor cores. These are the first Intel processors to be built on a 10nm technology called “SuperFin”. This is actually the 12th generation of Intel processors, and they are much more powerful compared to their predecessors.

Currently, there are quite a few models of Intel Alder Lake processors available to customers, namely Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9. The weakest Core i5 model is available in four versions, namely 12400F, 12400, 12500 and 12600. Recently, it was announced that Intel is introducing another Core i5 family processor which is the Core i5-12490F model. Otherwise this is only sold in the Chinese market.

The Core i5-12490F processor is essentially a redesigned version of the Core i5-12500 processor. It uses six physical cores and 12 virtual cores with a default frequency of three GHz and 4.6 GHz, respectively, in fast mode. There is no integrated graphics card here as there is with the Core i5-12500. However, more L3 cache is available. Instead of the classic 18 MB, a total of 20 MB of L3 cache is available here.

The new Intel Core i5-12490F processor is especially interesting for fans of computer games. This provides excellent performance, but is relatively inexpensive. For her, between 147 euros and 196 euros should be deducted in the Chinese market.

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