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Businesses rely on a variety of important documents and records, which become increasingly difficult to regulate as they grow. Solve your organizational nightmare with a modern document system (DMS).

Document system or document management system is a type of software that captures, stores, acquires and distributes electronic documents. At the highest level, it provides employees, customers, and salespeople with a quick and easy overview of the information they need. Document systems offer many improvements in efficiency and productivity. These systems are also closely connected to the rest of the IT infrastructure, which means that they can save time and costs throughout the company.

By using a document system like DocuWare, you can also automate some business processes, and as a result, you can easily increase the overall productivity of employees.

What are the advantages of a quality documentation system?

Let’s start from the beginning: searching for documents. According to an IDC survey, the average employee spends 3 and a half hours each week searching for documents. It often happens that he did not find them in the end. Digital document management reduces search time. If your system supports automatic indexing, you don’t have to worry about losing documents or recklessly searching for them.

Whether you’ve submitted a confirmation request, are processing an app or something similar, these projects require sequential and simultaneous collaboration. You need a tool to route documents to approval at one or more levels. According to the analytics firm IDC, manual document approval requires an average of 4.3 hours per employee per week. You can significantly reduce this time by using automated workflows.

By automating processes, you will also reduce the time required for communication between departments and the possibility of errors during data exchange. Digital workflows allow you to use business rules to automate a specific process. For example, you can create a rule that automatically forwards all accounts with higher amounts to the department head and smaller amounts to other accounting employees. The result is fewer errors, better transparency, and greater efficiency.

Nearly every employee performs routine and repetitive tasks every day that can be solved faster using automation. With an automated system, data can be shared between the document system, ERP and accounting system, eliminating the need for redundant data entry. Documents can be saved and retrieved in seconds. This means that customer and seller questions can be answered almost instantly. Audit documents, which used to take several days, can now be collected in a matter of hours. It will lighten the burden on employees, who will save time and energy on the most important tasks.

The document system facilitates and speeds up work on projects and group tasks where there is an urgent need for information exchange. how? By merging all types of documents, including email and scanned paper documents. For example, if you work for an engineering company, your project might include a Word document, CAD drawing, and spreadsheet. Before engaging a customer in a conversation, you can group these documents together and send them to different departments for review. Even if employees do not have access to, say, CAD software, they can still access CAD files.

What document systems do we recommend?

DocuWare is a world famous document system that has been supporting many companies around the world for decades. It is mainly intended for medium and large companies that carry out many challenging operations on a daily basis. In addition to the above advantages of a good document system, DocuWare is also flexible for existing flows and infrastructure.

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