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Today, in addition to water, air, food and a roof over your head, the Internet has become a basic necessity. Unfortunately, new problems are looming.

The problem is not with access to the World Wide Web, but with the speed that users get from the ISP.

According to Ookla, which is behind the popular website, the connection speed of the World Wide Web for Starlinka users is slowing down. On average, speeds dropped from 97.23 Mbps to 87.25 Mbps (about 10 Mbps) between the second and third quarters of 2021.

The result is, above all, an increase in working from home, which is the only way for the economy to work during Corona restrictions. Starlink is also the only company that offers low web access, with an average of 44ms.

Last year, the company sent 52 additional satellites into orbit in order to reduce congestion or distribute it among them. This year, they plan to launch 36 new satellites into low Earth orbit.

Fortunately, the decrease in speed was observed only in the USA, while in Canada the speeds remained the same, and on the Old Continent (Great Britain, France and Germany) the speeds were higher than expected. Speeds are also higher in New Zealand.

The price-performance ratio also plays an important role for many. For example, in Canada, you have to pay $100 a month to access the Starlink network, which is better than the local provider Bell, which offers a significantly slower internet (25Mbps, 350GB) for a few dollars less; In France, Starlink services cost a similar price, about 99 euros, while prices at local providers start from 30 euros per month.

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