The United Group strengthens its position in Greece…

United Group, the leading telecoms and media operator in Southeast Europe, has announced that it has completed the acquisition of Greek telecoms operator Wind Hellas.

The group has so far invested 1.4 billion euros in the Greek market and will have at least an additional 1.3 billion euros over the next five years, focusing on the expansion of the optical network, pay-TV services and the introduction of 5G. It is one of the biggest investments in Greece in recent years.

The acquisition of Wind Hellas is an important milestone for the United Group and the Greek telecommunications market. In this way, we have taken a new step in fulfilling our commitment to provide Greek consumers with the full range of the best products and services that our industry has to offer.”

“The process of digitization and the creation of optical networks in Greece is now in full swing. With our investments and in-depth experience from eight markets, we will play a key role in both areas, providing Greek consumers and businesses with exceptional products and the best user experience.”

In this way, the group expanded its services to another 3.4 million users. It now has 4.7 million in Greece, for a total of 15.2 million.

Netherlands-based United Group is the leading telecom and media operator in southeast Europe, with Telemach operating in Slovenia with EON services, Total TV, VEČ family mobile phone packages, the N1 information web portal, TV Sportklub and e-commerce platform Shoppster.

The group entered the Greek market in 2020 with the acquisition of Nova. Since then, it has taken a number of significant steps to strengthen its presence in the local market, including revamping the brand and introducing the most popular TV platform into the EON region.

United Group will combine Wind Hellas and Nova to create an affinity operator, which will be the second largest provider of fixed and pay TV services in Greece.

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