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Many people already know that privacy is over today. Do you know which websites have the most information about you?

Clario, a UK-based company, has researched the issue in detail and has come up with some interesting results. They’ve done detailed analytics, more than just who serves you cookies and what they’re using them for.

Using 32 different criteria, they collected information about what the website expects from you and what information they need for minimum or optimal performance, such as name, address, email address, date of birth, height, weight, …

Well, they find out that Facebook is the worst, followed by “sub page” Instagram. The company collects 70.59% of all your personal data. Then they use all of this information to serve you personalized ads. It collects data on name, age, email address, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, ethnicity, residence address, employment status, job title, mobile phone number, home, device type, hobbies and interests, close relatives and data on current and former employers. So far (surprisingly) they don’t collect data on height, weight, allergies, and health.

Also interesting is the fact that among the 15 most popular services in the US, none of them collect data about your health.

Minimal information about you is collected by Nike, which “only” collects information about your email address, name, age, gender, home address, type of devices you use, height, weight and bank account information.

The least amount of information about you is collected by adult websites, which just want to know which device you’re watching content on and what your interests are. Compared to others, this is commendable.

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