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A1 Slovenija has donated and provided easy access to VOYO, the most popular and richest Slovenian video on demand, to all 40,000 Xplore TV users. In addition, new subscribers are given half a subscription to A1 Net + TV services for one year.

A1 Xplore TV provides many functions, such as recommended content system, advanced search engine, popular series recorder and automatic quality adjustment of TV programmes. In addition to its rich video library of over 10,000 movies and series, VOYO Video-on-Demand is now available to new and existing users at no additional charge. The A1 Xplore TV solution is available to all users of A1 Net + TV packages.

When designing the offering, they follow users’ needs and desires, which drives them to give nearly 40,000 A1 Xplore TV users and all new users access to a VOYO video library, thus enabling them to have a greater variety of on-demand content. The enriched offer of A1 Net + TV packages goes into effect today, and existing users of VOYO content will save €7 per month with it.

Popular VOYO included in A1 Slovenia packages

VOYO is the most popular Slovenian video on demand, available anywhere and anytime. It offers users over 9,000 hours of TV content, from popular shows and shows, VOYO original series, previews of POP production content, blockbuster movies, domestic and foreign series, simultaneous animations to sports broadcasts and new 5KA online classes. All content is available with Slovenian translations, presenters and commentators.

With the additional content, A1 Slovenia has also provided an improved user experience with easy access to on-demand content. Users access it through the interface, without logging in, setting passwords and the like. Yes, Chef! , No Signal Zone, Love Island and other content are just a few clicks away.

A1 Net + TV package for the first year at half price

In addition, A1 Slovenija has boosted the offer for new users with A1 Net+ TV packages at half price for the first 12 months. A1 Net + TV packages with Internet speeds of up to 350 Mbit / s are available in three versions. The basic Net + TV S package now offers over 110 TV programs for € 14.99 for the first year, the A1 Net + TV M package offers more than 190 TV programs at a promotional price of € 17.49, and the A1 Net + TV L package over 240 TV channels With a 7-day free delay at €22.49 per month.

Thus, a new subscriber to the best-selling package – A1 Net + TV M with VOYO included – will save up to €24.49/m or up to €293.88 in the first year!

More information about the show is available at: http://www.a1.si/a1-net-tv.

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