An extremely fast solid state drive…

At MSI, we were recently surprised by a special solid-state drive. It is equipped with a PCI Express 5.0 interface and a special controller marked Phison PS5026-E26. This is actually a whole new generation of data interface that next generation Intel and AMD processors will support.

The Phison PS5026-E26 data controller is equipped with a 5.0 x4 PCI-E interface and is manufactured using 12nm technology. However, inside we find ARM Cortex-R5 processor cores and a special CoXProcessor coprocessor. Of course, MSI took advantage of all the advantages of modernity. Namely, they have prepared a very powerful solid state drive, which will easily cope with the most demanding tasks.

MSI’s new Solid State Drive will enable ultra-fast data writing and reading. The novelty will already allow sequential reading at speeds up to 12 GB per second and writing at speeds up to 11 GB per second. 4K content random reading up to 2000 thousand IOPS, and 1500 IOPS random writing per second. More information about the high-performance solid-state drive will be available at May Computex 2022.

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