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Welcome to Yearn Finance newsletter 52. Our goal with this newsletter is to inform Yearn Finance participants and the crypto community in general about latest news, Including Product versions, the Governance changes and the Updates for the ecosystem.


  • YIP-65 continues to operate.
  • [Propuesta] Media – DCA Buyback Pilot
  • Think of Yearn
  • Yearn received 1 million FTM grant from the Fantom Foundation
  • Lockers in Yeren
  • Ecosystem News

YIP-65 Continue

In short, YIP-65 strives to develop the role that YFI plays in Yearn Four different stagesAnd consolidating the vision of the symbol as the basic foundation for governance.

This will be done by operating a portion of YFI that the Treasury has repurchased as a result child As a reward for YFI token holders who actively participate in Yearn Governance.

So the role of YFI in Yearn Governance will evolve via Four different ingredients:

1: xYFI. Distribute the repurchased YFI treasury tokens as a reward in the YFI Vault.

2: YFI has been banned from voting. Offers YFI ve-style lockout (veYFI) for up to four years (exact maximum term to be determined), providing the longest lockout period Greater participation in voting power and one More rewards by YFI. It is possible to get out of the block early by paying a fine that will be rewarded to other holders of banned tokens.

3: Metrics + Voting Cabinets. Enter Vault counters where depositors do vaults staking with your tokens on vaults and earn YFI rewards according to your weight. YFIs are allocated for indices based on Weekly judge votes.

4: “useful work” functions. Expands the duties and responsibilities of YFI and YFI banned voters in exchange for Earn additional protocol rewards. tbc v3 hanging design lockers.

Yearn Developers will then be given a mandate to implement the above components at their discretion wherever possible.

Finally, YFIs selected to vote in Yearn Governance will be limited to those who bet in xYFI (from Stage 1 onwards) or with Prohibited voting in Years (from Stage 2 onwards).

Read more about Updates And the benefits of YIP-65 technotics here .

Special thanks to the authors: @0xJiji, banteg, daryllautk, HAtTip3675, onlylarping, @vany365, Wot_Is_Goin_On for creating this important proposal.

[Propuesta] – DCA Buyback Trial Program

The aim of this pilot program is to provide a better understanding through the example which is DCAing Improved way to perform buybacks inside the closet.

Team Yearn, on the basis of instant voting passed, $1 million in ETH (249,376559 ETH to $4,010 per ETH) For this buyback program a YFI ETH center will be created for 30 days within Mean Finance at a rate of 8.31255197 ETH per day.

The Mean team hopes to have profound effects within the community and DAO . leadership.

Read more about this proposal here .

Think of Yearn

We are already in year 2022And it’s time to go back to Analyze your bets for the DeFi market. Here is a brief description of Why is Yearn different?

Yes good I miss This generally called “performance aggregator” can lead to the idea that the team is working to create the performance. Even worse, it is sometimes seen as a simple CRV “crop farmer”. This is not a smart way to understand Yearn.

online now Important limitations in revenue generation, such as the small group of people who can strategize, the high gas rates that limit some strategies, the lack of proven protocols for building strategies, and the lack of ways to automate processes.

Rather than wait until those restrictions are relaxed (and they already are with more strategists on board, other chains, and lower-priced L2 levels), Yearn has been quietly building Infrastructure to improve interaction between protocolsStrategists are capital at large.

Yearn . has been built The machine that makes the machine A performance aggregator (to paraphrase Mr. Musk), ready for a world of ever-growing numbers of tokens, complex protocols, chains, strategists, tools, and capital.

With $7 billion in DeFi hacked in 2021, the main focus Safety. Most DeFi protocols reduce financial risk by modifying parameters (for example, loan protocols reduce the value of loan to collateral for riskier assets) and Reduce technological risks Focus on one thing only (eg loans).

Yern does DeFi the hard way, like Combines several protocols and strategies in one nozzle. Other protocols take pride in the number of checks they have performed. Yearn Academy trains the next generation of auditors, helping to expedite approval of new strategies.

After security comes capital efficiency– Find out how vault should be broken down into loan protocols, LPs, leveraged farming opportunities, and other strategies Optimizing risk-adjusted returns. Then try to automate it.

Part of the reason for YFI’s “fair launch” was the realization that producing a high-risk adjusted return for the trillions of dollars in TradFi would be too much work for one team.

scalability Requires fewer manual operationsRepurchases, harvesting, changing weighting in strategies and hedging after price movements. It is no coincidence that Andrei thinks Keep3r. So there is a file data analysis group who works in The best time to make buybacks.

Coordination with Decentralization: How do you build a system that motivates people who have never been involved in making all of this happen? help from Coordinate, a tool whose origins can be traced back to a group of Yearn who first encountered the problem, is now being implemented Used by Fintech DAO.

Each new DeFi protocol creates a potential opportunity for the strategist. The new strategy improves the risk-adjusted return of vaults, incentivizes more capital and generates more fees that can be used to build this “beast” of the platform.

The examples in this post show how Yearn tries to solve the problems common to DeFi. The term “DeFi Protocol” doesn’t seem to do justice to that, and Yearn could perhaps be better described as a DAO Fintech.

Yearn received 1 million FTM grant from the Fantom Foundation

Yearn received a grant from 1 Million FTM From the Phantom Foundation.

We do not waste this amount, More than 90% donated to FTM treasury. Other treasuries secured a matching donation for an immediate 1% increase in value.

This scholarship is the first of many, and we will continue to receive more as we achieve TVL’s goals.

Lockers in Yeren

You can read a detailed description of the strategies for all of our yVaults lists here .

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