Samsung Home Hub: the central device…

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and SmartThings, the tablet-powered device delivers a personalized and connected experience for every home.

Samsung on show CES 2022 About device access Samsung Home Hub. It is an innovative device that will enable a new way to manage home appliances, with a touch screen in the form of a tablet in 4.8 inch. The Samsung Home Hub offers enhanced connectivity with a range of smart home devices as well Uses AI and AI SmartThings To understand users’ needs and automatically provide correct solutions.

“Samsung Home Hub provides seamless connectivity to the smart home and makes life easier for users by understanding their needs and desires and setting up their home appliances and smart devices accordingly,” she said. Hysun Yang, Executive Vice President and Head of User Experience in Digital Devices at Samsung Electronics. “The connectivity of our devices and the intuitive interface of the Samsung Home Hub allows everyone in the home to quickly review their to-do list,” Yang added.

Connect a wide range of devices

With the Samsung Home Hub, which connects to smart home devices in every corner of the house, you can now manage your daily routine, do household chores, and take care of your home in one device. As a home console, it provides a great overview of the fully connected home and allows for seamless monitoring of everything.

The Home Hub can connect to all devices in the SmartThings system, including Samsung smart devices. It will soon also be able to connect to other devices in the smart home system, such as lights and a door lock system.

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