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AGON from AOC is proud to present the AGON PRO AG274QGM, which is the highest speed mini LED display. The 27-inch AG274QGM monitor features an IPS QHD resolution panel, an amazing 300Hz refresh rate, NVIDIA G-SYNC ULTIMATE and NVIDIA Reflex support.

AGON by AOC – one of the world’s leading brands of gaming monitors and IT accessories – is proud to present AGON PRO AG274QGM, High speed mini LED display. 68.6 cm (27 in) AG274QGM features an IPS QHD (2560 x 1440 pixels) resolution panel with an impressive refresh rate 300 HzSupport for NVIDIA G-SYNC ULTIMATE and includes NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer. To complement this great screen, AGON by AOC features a gaming mouse AOC GAMING GM510, which now also supports NVIDIA Reflex, and can be used in conjunction with the AG274QGM to provide gamers with accurate latency information for their system. Players can now participate in competition sessions, knowing that they have the lowest possible system lag and that their hardware doesn’t interfere with their quick reactions. Let’s get down to the hot spot!

Playing on the edge

In a competitive environment of fast and tense gaming, where victory is measured in milliseconds, the stakes are staggering and even one wrong mental movement or even a slight delay in entering can mean an early loss. Games that use NVIDIA Reflex API It will reduce input response time by dynamically synchronizing Geforce GPUs with CPUs so gamers can reach targets faster, respond faster, and aim more accurately. Additionally, the NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer suite can work in conjunction with NVIDIA Reflex-enabled monitors and input devices, allowing users to see the overall system lag. This ensures that they jump into the game because they know their computer is running with the lowest possible lag.

lift the ladder

AGON PRO AG274QGM It is specially designed for those competitive and skilled players who value every millisecond. Ambitious gaming monitor delivers exceptional refresh rate 300 Hz and a response time of only 1ms from GtG. AG274QGM also features precision QHD (2560 x 1440 pixels), which is the perfect combination today when it comes to achieving high frame rate and high levels of visual resolution at the same time.

The AG274QGM is equipped with a wide-band IPS panel that delivers wide viewing angles and high color accuracy, backed by NVIDIA’s patented color calibration. Mini LED The screen backlight consists of 576 dimming zones, allowing the screen to obtain certification VESA DisplayHDR 1000 For bright, eye-catching images and deep blacks, resulting in a truly in-depth visual experience. Besides the high refresh rate of 300Hz, the AG274QGM is a small LED display with top speed. In addition, this model is equipped with technology NVIDIA G-SYNC ULTIMATE, which provides users with the advantages of a variable refresh rate to eliminate image tearing and stuttering. Moreover, it reduces input lag, even if high-resolution features like Realistic HDR are enabled. compact unit G-SYNC . Technology Offers Variable Speed ​​Overlay, in which the pixel’s response to changes in refresh rate is improved. The AG274QGM monitor allows gamers to truly enjoy the experience, with no less than an ideal frame rate.

In addition, the AG274QGM includes files NVIDIA Reflection Analyzer. This unit detects clicks from a gaming mouse and measures the time to change the resulting pixels (like flash guns) on the screen. For added flexibility in everyday use, the AG274QGM monitor has four USB 3.2 ports that allow users to connect directly to their external devices such as a keyboard or mouse. The USB port marked green between its connectors is designed for integration with the NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer.

AOC’s AGON highlights another gaming mouse that supports NVIDIA Reflex. After introducing the two-handed gaming mouse GM500 in 2021, AOC’s AGON now introduces a new mouse AOC GM510 NVIDIA Reflex . Games. This exceptional right-handed mouse has an unusual appearance – an unusual honeycomb pattern. Due to this unique shape and structure, the mouse is significantly lighter in weight (58g). Low contact points and an airy design of the mouse allow for more comfortable use. Equipped with a high-quality Pixart PMW3389 sensor and durable Kailh switches valued at 80 million clicks, the AOC GM510 delivers an amazing 16,000 DPI resolution, 50g acceleration, and up to 400″ tracking accuracy. All these features together make this mouse a true HD tool for all racing gamers.

With both offered products supporting NVIDIA Reflex, the GM510 mouse can be connected to the dedicated Reflex USB port of the AG274QGM monitor, providing gamers with instant and accurate feedback on system latency. In the competitive gaming world, where reaction time and low response time are very important, both AG274QGM and GM510 will be the best partner for gamers. In this way, players can easily solve any system lag issues and improve the performance of their systems through instant feedback. Fast paced gameplay and tension in the competition arena has never been so exciting!

Availability and price of the AGON PRO AG274QGM monitor have not been confirmed, while the AOC GAMING GM510 Mouse is already available at a suggested retail price of €39.90.

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