BlackBerry didn’t say Last Day…

Less than six years ago or in 2016, the internet was shaken by the news that the PT Tiphone Mobile Inonesia Tbk would be signed among the phones produced by BlackBerry so far. BlackBerry’s business results were so bad that the company was threatened with bankruptcy. On January 4 of this year, users of BlackBerry smartphones with BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry OS installed felt the consequences of poor business results on them.

BlackBerry phones with Blackberry 10 and BlackBerry OS have recently become completely useless. Even the simplest services, such as connecting to data networks, sending SMS messages, making phone calls, and even making emergency calls, are no longer available to users. We still remember when BlackBerry phones dominated the business world. For a long time, they held excellent or elite status.

However, BlackBerry smartphones haven’t said anything else yet. A new business phone is expected to hit the market soon, which is supposed to better adapt to the modern era. It will offer support for 5G mobile networks and will be equipped with powerful hardware. However, a physical QWERTY keyboard is still believed to exist. The new product is expected to hit store shelves in the first half of this year, and its retail price is expected to be quite competitive.

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