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You may already be aware that the dispute between mobile game publishers and Apple and Google reached an unprecedented height last September. The problem is that mobile game publishers have to take a staggering 30% commission from Apple and Google every time a user purchases a mobile app or add-on, which of course doesn’t satisfy everyone. While many game publishers are keeping quiet, Epic Games decided to put an end to this, so they started an open “war” against Apple and Google.

Since Epic Games introduced its own payment system, thus avoiding a 30% commission, the PC game Fortnite was immediately removed from both the App Store and Google Play. While Android mobile users can also install the game outside the Google Play web portal due to the open system, this is of course not the case for the locked Apple ecosystem. This is also the reason why iPhone, iPads and Macs users are not receiving the latest updates for the popular game Fortnite.

But fortunately, these restrictions no longer apply to users of Apple devices. Fortnite will be available to users via the Nvidia GeForce NOW online gaming service. This means that users will be able to play Fortnite directly through the Safari web browser. This will be a version of Fortnite that will be adapted to touch screens, but it will also be possible to play it with a remote control. The novelty is currently still in the beta phase, but we believe it will soon be available to anyone who loves Fortnite.

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