The lack of chips for printers will lead to …

Printer maker Canon has released under pressure how to bypass the cartridge authentication security system.

If you have or have a printer at home, you probably know the cost of new cartridges. Printers sometimes seem cheaper than new cartridges, which is not far from the truth. Printers are available at really affordable prices, manufacturers know that they are useless without cartridges, from which they also get the most revenue.

As manufacturers have found consumers resort to cheaper, fake or not-original products, some have installed special protection or chips on the cartridges, which tell the printer that they are not genuine.

However, due to the global shortage of chips, which affects not only the production of printers, graphics cards, computers, but also cars, Canon had to “remove” these chips, because they simply ran out of stock.

As a result, some printers no longer recognize new cartridges, both original and non-original. In principle, this should be a problem. In a press release, Canon writes that the quality is not inferior and that it is not necessary to have programming knowledge to “resolve” or “bypass” protections, but only to close windows with notifications that appear on change.

However, the printer may not know how much ink is left in the cartridges, so they recommend replacing them as soon as the print quality deteriorates. On the other hand, users will also be able to insert a non-genuine cartridge into the printer.

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