Xiaomi welcomes the results…

On January 13, Xiaomi received a letter from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) stating that the latter had completed an examination of Xiaomi smartphones in Germany. BSI concluded that it could not identify any wrongdoing that might require further investigation or other action. BSI also did not detect any transfer of filter lists as described in the original report.

Remember that last September, Xiaomi was scrutinized by the Lithuanian State Cyber ​​Security Authority, which said that Xiaomi phones have a built-in ability to detect and censor certain terms such as “Free Tibet” and “Long live Taiwan independence” (Long live Taiwan independence) and the “democratic movement”. Shortly after the report was released, the German Federal Office for Information Security, BSI, began conducting a technical examination of the best Xiaomi phones sold on the Old Continent.

In response to the findings, a Xiaomi spokesperson said: “Xiaomi is pleased that the results of the investigation conducted by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), which were published yesterday, confirm our commitment to transparent and responsible behavior, where privacy and security of the user come first. We have proven that we comply with all Union laws. European and national laws on privacy and data security and all applicable EU standards for devices. We welcome sharing information with users, regulators and other interested audiences, such as BSI, because we are committed to continuous improvement and innovation.”

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