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Samsung has proven that data can also be transferred directly to the system memory. This actually means that no processor is required for this. For this purpose, Samsung engineers used una MRAM (Magnetic Resistance Random Access Memory). The new invention is the product of engineers from Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT), with the participation of experts and researchers from Samsung Electronics Foundry Business and the Semiconductor Research and Development Center.

Samsung’s new invention is already changing the concept of a classic computer, which urgently needs a processor to convert data. However, their MRAM system memory does not require a processor, performing two functions at the same time, namely, data storage and recalculation. Samsung’s new invention is supposed to speed up the operation of computers, which are supposed to be mainly suitable for artificial intelligence purposes.

Samsung’s interesting memories remind us of the functioning of the human brain in many ways. This, in turn, is supposed to make it possible to build computer systems that were not possible, at least until now. However, it will be some time before this actually happens, as MRAM is still in the beta phase.

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