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It’s almost impossible to be true, but here’s the world’s first cloud that offers unlimited space, and it’s completely free.

No, this is not a myth, and it is not a joke. If you’ve ever seen an advertisement for free cloud space, there was always some kind of limitation behind it, or you ended up paying more, but didn’t.

The cloud provider is the popular Telegram service.

Telegram is known as a service for secure messaging as well as for sharing unlimited files between friends.

It all started when the company was on Twitter publishedUnlike Google and Apple, which offer cloud storage at an additional cost, they offer the cloud service completely free – and with unlimited space.

It was later learned that Telegram itself does not provide cloud services, but only provides access to the API for developers, which allows access to unlimited free space.

TeleDrive wanted to offer unlimited access to the cloud to the general public, so they set out to create an app that would make that possible.

The application has been developed and is already available, but it works very simply. All it takes is for the user to download the application to the mobile phone. At the same time, it is necessary to connect Telegram.

There is no space limit, but there is a limit across the download app i.e. 1.5 GB on cloud and 2 GB on cloud. We can “get rid” of these limitations by paying $10 for an annual subscription that supports development and support.

Since Telegram has focused on user security and privacy since the beginning, the cloud is also completely private.

Unfortunately, Telegram may also disable access to the API in the future, ending the unlimited free space. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do not use this “cloud” as your primary file storage service.

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