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Work from home or. It’s not going anywhere far and so it’s time to adapt to the new reality as much as possible. Let’s look at some ways to do this.

As the pandemic continues, more people are working from home and remotely than ever before. While there was a great deal of enthusiasm at first that we wouldn’t have to drive to work every day until we could work straight out of bed and still find ourselves, the actual home office can be frustrating and/or uncomfortable. Maybe someone will recognize this.

There are also cases of people who spend most of their working lives as self-employed people and work from home almost all the time – also in mobile homes and the like. People in such situations often had little space for a ‘home office’, but because of these limitations, they had perfected their way of working remotely to maintain a healthy body and at least partly common sense. Here are some tips (and items) that can make all the difference when working from home.


If you only do one thing on this list, make sure your table and chair are comfortable. This is very general advice, but it should be, because every body is different. What you find comforting may be someone else’s medieval instrument of torture. Example: buying a desk via the Internet, which was much appreciated, but then it turned out that the front of the table, if the associated chair is set to the appropriate height, eats the thighs. Not exactly perfect, is it? If possible, try to sit at a table before buying it. Also consider an existing desk that increases the number of jobs you can work in. Not many simply can find a table that matches the other elements of the ergonomics layout.

We are sure that the chair is more important than the table. It is important to choose something comfortable with adjustable lumbar support (lower back). Working in a bent position can damage your body, affecting your shoulders, back, and neck. Chairs can cost a little, but we can get quality for a fixed price. Craigslist, OfferUp, Nextdoor, and other similar sites can be a treasure trove of used office chairs. You can also consider special “gaming” chairs, as they are designed for prolonged sitting. Just make sure the chair fits your desk.

Finally, in this chapter, let’s delve into what’s on your desk. Depending on the type of work you do, an additional screen can be a big plus, so consider an additional screen for your desktop or laptop computer. It makes multitasking much easier with less clicking. This may be especially important if you are using a laptop computer. If you don’t edit photos or videos, you may not need such a powerful product. The goal is to give yourself more space to work.


There are many different studies looking at how different shades of light affect our mind and body. It can affect everything from sleep quality, alertness, mood, to productivity at work. Our best advice would be for the office or . Freely arrange your homework near a large enough window, but I know that this is not always possible. The next best solution is a set of lights that change colors and provide the ability to adjust the intensity of the light.

Numerous tests show the quality of Philips Hue that sells well. Even digital nomads, including those who work from converted vans while traveling the world, have installed Philips Hue in their cars (which are offices, bedrooms and homes) Philips spent a lot of time experimenting with light experiments. It is programmed with ‘Activate’ and ‘Focus’ settings, which are really useful. For example, the “Wake” mode can be useful especially when we wake up, and then “Focus” (which is a little warmer) for most of the work day. When we slowly say goodbye to work activities, we can switch to the “Reading” setting, which emits a warm, soothing light. There are, of course, many other brands of color-changing lights, and if they don’t have presets like we mentioned, you can try different shades of light (more blue for more alertness, or red for relaxation, or something like that). It’s a small thing, but it really has a big impact on how you feel in your home office.

plants and animals

Sure, we all agree that there’s just something about being surrounded by living things that makes our home office feel more natural and less sterile. With just a few houseplants, you can really change the atmosphere in the whole room, and with them you can even freshen the air a little. We recommend placing it near a desk, but close enough to a window to get enough light.

Regarding animals, we know a lot of people who adopted puppies and kittens during the pandemic. This is great and probably fits your lifestyle perfectly, but it’s definitely not for everyone. Therefore, we must first seriously ask ourselves if we are the right person for something like this.

Eating food

This is one of the most demanding parts of working from home. Suddenly you have unlimited access to the refrigerator and snack cabinets, which can be very tempting. So what do you do? Here’s a strategy that can do you better than anything else: Fill your kitchen with healthy foods and only healthy foods. Yes, you read that correctly. If we come to the kitchen and crave a snack, and there are, say, chips, then there is a chance that we will eat them. But if we go to the kitchen and the only snacks are carrots and similar healthy snacks, we’ll eat what we have.

In addition to the superficial reasons for a healthy diet, this will contribute to a better and more permanent balance of energy, rather than its constant ups and downs. Not only do we feel the difference subjectively, specifically when we did research recently using a continuous glucose monitoring system, we got strong evidence to support this. If our kitchen is full of delicious but at the same time processed foods, we need enough willpower and self-discipline to make a healthy decision every time we want a snack. It’s easier to be strong only once, at the grocery store, and then we don’t have to make those tough decisions ten times a day in our house.

end of work day

You need to know when it is time to quit smoking. Then you have to back off. At times, this state has been more specific for many of us: If you’re in the office, you work, but if you’re not in the office, it’s your personal time. When working from home, these boundaries are even more blurred. It easily seems that work never stops, or that you need to always be available. You need to take care of your mental health by setting some limits. Do your work, and after “hours” you wake up and be away from the computer for a while. You’ll be glad you did and tomorrow you’ll be back in the “office” fresh and ready for work.

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