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Do you want to compete against the best in Slovenia in CS: GO, Rocket League, Valorant and League of Legends games?

Applications are open for qualifications from CS: GO, Rocket League, Valorant and League of Legends.

The application is valid for one qualification. If you can’t be among the top teams in the first qualifiers, you have another option. You can apply for other qualifications, which will take place after one week.

The best teams will participate in the regular part of the tournament, which begins at the end of February. The teams that will pass through the qualifying sieve must be registered with the official organization or esports federation, which is also a member of the esports federation of Slovenia. You can open your own association, or join associations sponsored by E҆ZS (you can find them on the title page under the members heading, you can also contact them).

Entries are collected for each game to 23:00 is the last day before qualifying.

Qualification dates:

The number of teams that will qualify will depend on the regular season vacancies. In any case, the teams will be informed in due course of the progress of the regular competition.

For more information, additional rules relating to the tournament are listed below. Please take it into account and contact us at [email protected] in case of additional questions.

You can apply at the following link: Register in the tournament

After registering, you will receive all the details about the qualifications path on your email, so be sure to follow them.

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