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Today’s IT environments are growing and evolving. Growth and development is mainly influenced by the expectations of the company’s executives and the technology available in the market. Everyone wants growth to be controlled, neither too fast nor too slow. In doing so, it is desirable that the available technology suitable for productive use be adequately and appropriately tested and allow the stability of the environment for the next medium-term period. Price sustainability is also an important factor.

The problem with today’s IT market is that it is filled with a variety of modern technologies and solutions that are attractive but at the same time require additional infrastructure time and time again. It often happens that this “acceptable solution” does not allow the migrations and upgrades that are required later. Thus the company remains at the mercy of the producer. If the company does not get help, it will leave a heterogeneous environment, problems with disagreements between components and inconsistencies in development, serious problems with obtaining transparent information about what is happening in the IT environment.

FOGLIGHT je rešitev, ki prepreči marsikatero nevšečnost, neprespano noč itd. S svojo dinamiko in sodobnim načinom koriščenja tehnologij omogoča, da se lahko znotraj enega samega vpogleda nadzoruje celovito okolje. Podpira veliko število tehnologij in sistemov. Dodajanje slednjih je izredno enostavno in hitro. Metrike se prenašajo hitro in z malo truda se pride do želenih rezultatov v rekordno kratkem času. Tako se lahko hitro pride do informacij, kaj se z okoljem zares dogaja, kje tičijo infrastrukturne nevarnosti in kje je mogoče narediti več izboljšav itd.

By setting up your own Dashboards, you can quickly, effectively and above all reliably inform yourself about the state of your IT environment. This allows full control of our IT environment.

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At ADM-Adria, Platinum+ is a partner manufacturer of Quest Solutions.

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