How does a laptop computer…

Due to the mass mining of cryptocurrency using high-end graphics cards, the demand for these graphics cards has increased exponentially. As a result, in some parts of the world their stocks practically ran out, and retail prices rose dramatically. Despite the recent depreciation of many of the leading cryptocurrencies, the demand for graphics cards through cryptocurrencies in the first quarter of this year is still above average.

What if cryptocurrency was mined with a 1989 Toshiba laptop? For those times, it was a very powerful laptop with a 16MHz Intel 386SX processor. At those times, a recalculated €5,520 had to be charged against the Toshiba laptop. Nowadays, combined with inflation, the value of the said laptop will be an incredible recalculation of 12,170 euros.

But how would a 1989 Toshiba laptop perform bitcoin mining today? A recent study found it to be worse. To produce a converted 88 cents bitcoin, you would have to mine 584 million years using a 1989 Toshiba laptop. With this experiment, the researchers really wanted to show that computer development has advanced significantly in recent years, and computers have become more expensive.

Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader

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