Microsoft Teams changes your iPhone…

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most companies have scrambled to establish remote work. Many companies have worked hard for their employees and provided them with all the necessary tools for productive work remotely, including the Microsoft Teams solution. Since the latter is also popular with ordinary users, Microsoft developers have provided it with a very interesting option.

Walkie talkie users now have the option of a walkie-talkie. This actually turns your Apple smartphone into a radio station or walkie-talkie. This actually allows users to send instant voice messages in the same way as a classic walkie-talkie. The novelty is also available for iPad tablet users.

The new version is also available for users who use Microsoft Business Teams. Of course, you will need to have it approved by system administrators beforehand. Once approved, the walkie-talkie will be available to smartphone and tablet users within 48 hours.

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